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The Fairfax Companies creates organic and natural landscape and garden products called Tank’s Green Stuff.

Tank’s Green Stuff is available at The Fairfax Companies’ Speedway and Ina Road facilities. Tank’s product line includes 100% organic ASCO-Verified Compost, Decorative Wood Chips, Garden Blend soil, Fine Composted Mulch, Topsoil, Decorative rock, AB concrete aggregate, and more. Tank’s Green Stuff is produced from local green landscape waste materials that would otherwise go to the landfill. For questions about any Tank’s Green Stuff products, send an email to, or call 520-290-9313.

Tank’s Green Stuff is available at all Fairfax Companies’ locations, and many other fine retailers. Click here to see a list of all retailers that carry Tank’s in Southern Arizona.

 Why use compost? Glad you asked! Click here to learn.


$75 per hour Delivery Fee

No quantity too big or too small.

Gift Certificates are available.


Tank’s Green Stuff Compost is ASCO Verified for Organic Crops. TGS is an organic soil amendment, containing no fillers or chemical products. TGS compost is tested for pathogens, heavy metals, and pesticide residues to make sure Tank’s compost is the best and highest quality available. In addition, it is tested for vital mineral and nutrient content such as: Nitrogen, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Potassium, and many more to ensure that plants raised using our compost will be the healthiest they can be. Our compost is made using only locally derived landscape waste, organic manure, organic elemental sulfur, and Bactifeed CompostBulkefficient microbes.
It has a pH of 7.05.
Compost can be used full-strength for gardens, as a soil amendment, or as a component of a soil mix.

bulk material $34/cu. yard
1 cubic foot bag $8/bag


Our composted fine mulch is made from wood that has gone through the composting process, so that any potential weed seed is eliminated. It is then ground finely to make an excellent ground cover around delicate plants in the garden or landscape. Perfect for flower and vegetable beds, or in pots for a decorative and effective mulch. Mulch conserves water and controls erosion while adding organic matter for good soil nutrition, and reduces evaporation. It keeps the soil cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

bulk material $28/cu. yard
2 cubic foot bag $6/bag




Our Organic Garden Blend has the perfect balance of Tank’s Organic Compost mixed with screened soil at a rate of 75% compost/25% soil. The organic compost component provides all the nutrients for healthy plant growth, and the screened soil component provides drainage and balance. It is the perfect blend for raised beds or in-ground garden beds. To create the ideal gardening soil, add Prococo Coconut Coir for optimal aeration and water retention (see Prococo below).

bulk material $30/cu. yard



Our top soil is a 50% Screened Soil and 50% Organic Compost blend. This soil blend is excellent for landscape planting, to build up new gardens and lawns, fill depressions, or generally spreading to add nutrients and water retention to the soil. By adding organic material with Bactifeed to your existing soil you increase the water holding capacity, and will see definite savings on your water bill.

(50% Screened Fill Soil/ 50% Organic Compost)
bulk material $25/cu. yard



Made from beautiful mesquite, palo verde, and eucalyptus heartwood this recycled product has a rich blend of browns, light tans, and subtle reds throughout. TGS wood chips make a great topdressing for any flower bed or planter. The wood chips are the best mulch around trees to conserve water and keep the rootzone cool. They are also perfect to add to depressions or berms for rain water harvesting projects to control soil erosion and reduce evaporation. These wood chips are available in two sizes: 3″ and 1/2″. When applied to rainwater harvesting areas, the Large 3″ and minus size is perfect for areas that experience moving water. The Small 1/2″ and minus size is great for basins and inside berms to retain moisture and reduce evaporation.

Large 3″ minus $20/cu. yard
Small ½” minus $20/cu. yard
2 cubic foot bag $5.00/bag

Sm. Deco Wood Chip Closeup
Sm. Deco Wood Chips, 1/2″ and Minus

Lg. Deco Wood Chip Closeup
Lg. Deco Wood Chips, 3″ and Minus


DECORATIVE ROCKApache Red 2Coronado Brown

1/2″ Coronado Brown $36/ton

1/2″ Apache Red: $39/ton


(Rock is approximately 1.25 tons / cu. yard)

Available only at Speedway Facility only



Fine wood chips made from clean white pine wood, ideal for animal bedding.
(1/4″ and minus)

bulk material $14/ton



Mortar SandHigh quality washed mortar sand from a local source!
ASTM C 136, ASTM C117. 97% Passing on #8 sieve, 10% Passing on #100 sieve.
Sieve analysis is available upon request by emailing

bulk material $24/ton



Crushed concrete to 1″ and minus. Made to Pima County specifications for road base material.
Perfect for driveways or rock ground cover.

bulk material $7/ton

(You load, bulk material $6/ton)



Screened Fill

Clean, un-amended, 1/4″ screened native soil. Made from Fill Dirt (below), nearby to Pantano Wash. Approximately 1.3 tons / cubic yard.

Bulk material $8 / cu. yard, available at Speedway Facility and Ina Facility



Clean, un-amended native soil. Unscreened material, contains rocks. Harvested nearby to Pantano Wash.
Approximately 1.3 tons / cubic yard.

Available at Speedway Facility only

Bulk material
WE load: $3 / cu. yard
YOU load: $1 / cu. yard



Bactifeed is a a biological soil system that is certified to USDA Organic Standards. It is rich in microbes and enzymes that increase soil microbial activity, which enhances a plant’s ability to uptake nutrients. It also promotes vigorous root growth. Bactifeed naturally increases the soil’s water holding capacity, and reduces water demands by up to 30%. Available in a 0.48 oz. residential-scale package (Treats up to 5,000 square feet of garden, lawn, or compost bins), or a 5.8 oz. bottle that treats up to 10 acres. Call 290-9313 for more information. Available at Speedway and Ina Facilities.
Bactifeed can be easily applied using the Hozon Siphon Applicator (below). See a YouTube video of an urban backyard gardener using Bactifeed in her garden.

0.48 oz. package (treats 5,000 sq. ft.): $10 each
5.8 oz. bottle (treats 10 acres): $70 each



1 applicator package, including brass siphon mixer plus tubing- $27.00 each
Available at Speedway and Ina Facilities.

Hozon is a brass venturi-type siphon applicator that meters liquids at a 1:16 rate — 1 gallon of concentrate to 16 gallons of water using your standard outdoor faucet and a hose. 100% brass, 100% Made in the USA! Hozon makes providing organic microrganisms like Bactifeed (see above) to your garden as easy as watering the plants (click to see a YouTube video demonstration)! Call 290-9313 for more information.

PROCOCO – Premium Coconut Husk Products
CocoChips or CocoPeat Compressed Blocks

Blocks expand to ~2.5 cu-feet of coconut – $15 each
4.5 kg (~10lbs.)
PrococoBorderprococo blocks

Coconut coir (pronounced ‘koy-er’) is a sustainable alternative to peat moss. Coconut husk is a renewable resource with several advantages over peat moss. It holds water without compressing and absorbs water evenly, providing excellent root zone aeration and savings on water bills. Coconut husk products also have a more neutral pH (5.5-6.2), and can remain effective for up to 4-5 years. Coconut husk is an excellent way to increase the aeration and water-absorbing power of potting soil and clay or heavy soils, without peat moss.

Our OMRI-listed coco husk products are widely used for hydroponics, organic soil mixes, landscaping and container planting. Coco coir and coco chips can be mixed in different ratios (and amended with pumice, vermiculite, fertilizers etc) to provide the perfect planting medium for your plants.

Coconut husk products are also ideal for landscaping projects. Preparing an area for landscaping is a critical task. Coconut coir can be used as top soil or can be mixed with sand (60% coco coir, 30% sand, 10% compost) to use as a direct medium on open land, to grow grass, flowers, bushes, etc. Due to the water holding capacity of the coco husk, you can reduce irrigation drastically and grow healthier landscapes.

Click here to see more about Prococo Coconut Coir. Click here to see an easy instructional video about expanding the coconut coir blocks.


$5 each, available at Speedway Facility and Ina FacilityJason Photo log burning

The perfect firelog for fireplaces, wood stoves, campfires, firepits. Locally made from recycled clean white wood. Burns cleaner and hotter than split firewood, for over 3 hours each!
-78% reduction in carbon monoxide
-79% reduction in particulate matter (ash)
-Lights easily with a match
-Endorsed by the United States Stove Company: “…Highest recommendation and most positive endorsement of the manufactured logs. Samples acheived our highest score to date for compressed wood logs.”

Makes an excellent gift!