Delivery Trucks

We use many different trucks to deliver Tank’s Green Stuff and other bulk products.
We can fulfill any order — no project is too small or too large.

Mini Roll Off Truck

60 feet are required to drop roll off
30 feet are required to deliver bulk materials 

Can carry 4.5 tons of material

Roll Off Truck

70-100 feet are required  from the front of the truck to the end of a dropped roll off
40 feet are required to deliver bulk materials 

Can carry 10 tons of material

Above: Split Load 20 yard Roll off container makes it possible to deliver multiple materials in the same truck within minimum contamination. 

Mini Flatbed Truck

Can carry 4 pallets of material

Flatbed Truck

Length of the truck: 40 feet

Can carry about 16 pallets of material

Semi-Trailer (Peterbilt) / Tractor Trailer 

Length of the truck and trailer: 70 feet, 13.6 feet high
Holds 138 cubic yards of material or 23 tons


Trailer attachments

A/4 Belt-drive Trailer
Holds 90 cubic yards of material or 21 tons



Simple 16

Length of Truck: 32 Ft
Safe Max Weight Capacity: 20 tons total
Max Volume: 20 yards total


*We gladly arrange the third party trucking for your delivery at no extra cost to you! 

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